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Behind the scenes, the first version of is still in development. However, the development job is for grabs. Would you like to become a co-founder in the startup Then send an e-mail to Daan!

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Acquisition on this entry is not appreciated. The need really lies with a co-founder, who will partake in the startup. 

Current state of affairs

I (Daan) am looking for a co-founder in this startup, someone with a passion for development and road cycling/mountain biking. Someone who will not only put this startup on the map, and will grow with it as it travels the world. More specifically, for now this means: completing the prototype / beta version, which has to go live in the first half of the 2019 cycling season. This beta version should be tested in 2019 with as many users as possible. Later this may mean carrying out or overseeing the development of version 1.0.

Development needs

I prefer a full-stack developer, with knowledge of front-end and back-end development. Of course, this knowledge can scale up with the startup. Do you have questions about specific programming languages etc.? Then feel free to email me.

Email Daan

Bike meetings will be appreciated!