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Good news: will be even better in the 2020 cycling season! We have learned a lot from the beta version you can use at the moment. Based on this knowledge we are currently developing a completely new version of the platform. Live: spring classics 2020.

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Why a new version?

We deliberately kept the beta version simple. We were able to test whether the rest of the you finds business networking rides just as interesting as we do. 130 early adopters have now confirmed that this is the case! It remains a beta version, with room for improvement. We don’t want these issues to remain the first and only memory of the general public. That’s why we deliberately didn’t seek too much media attention. With version 1.0, all of this will change. We hope to grow our community quickly so that you can do a bunch of business networking rides.

In version 1.0:

  • the search for valuable encounters will be more effective;
  • the user experience will be faster, safer and more stable;
  • the the new features that you all want to see will become easier for us to implement;
  • it’s easier and more rewarding to share cool cycling events with your network.

Reset your password

We’ll do our best to make the transition from the beta version to version 1.0 as smooth as possible. Nevertheless, we are going to transfer user data to the new database. In this process your password will be lost. We can’t (of course) see your password, so we can’t copy it. When the time comes, you will receive an email to reset your password.

Live: spring classics 2020

Since October, we have been working hard to build this new version. The foundation of which will be ready in January. After that, some extra features will have to be built in before we can start testing. That means that somewhere during the classics we go live with the new version!

Free > paid

Like the beta version, version 1.0 remains free for the time being. We were able to achieve this by doing the development ourselves. When we are convinced that we can make valuable connections frequently, we switch to a paid model.

Facts for ‘nerds’

We’re developing a web application based on AngularJS front-end and a Java back-end. These are linked by a REST API. Would you like to contribute to the development of Feel free to contact us.